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Professor John Kosmak

"I often think of healing hands when I go there, because even as an educated professor, it amazes me that Dr. Drew (Cradic) can discern the exact sites of pain and what moves to adjust the area. It is not only education, but a gift, and a craft that he possesses. I was once the biggest skeptic of chiropractic care, but now am a believer."

"Words can't express how grateful I am for Dr. Cradic. I have had headaches for over a year that medicine wouldn't help at all. A friend recommended chiropractic and fortunately I listened. Dr. Cradic adjusted my upper neck area and recommended exercises and I finally have relief from the headaches after several visits. I saw doctors, had tests run, took migraine medicine, the whole 9 yards, nothing helped until this. Chiropractic works and Dr. Cradic is amazing. Thank you so much!"

Denny Carver

I thought I had been to a good chiropractor before but after seeing Dr. Cradic I realized I was wrong. After my first adjustment I seriously felt like a new man. I could turn my head all the way, my shoulder pain diminished, and I felt a looseness in my back I hadn't felt in years. If you are debating seeing a chriopactor let me recommend Dr Cradic ...thank you sir I feel great !!

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